The beaches of Sicily

Legendary Sicily is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. On this island, all is subject to the desires of the tourist and hospitality of the locals is just endless. And if we add to it the natural beauty of the island and, in particular, its picturesque coastline, this place can be called a paradise on earth.
Let’s make a short trip along the coastline, washed by three different seas (Ionian, Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean).
The beach of San Vito Lo Capo is located in the same town, near Trapani. Enclosed in a small picturesque bay, it is very broad and extends almost three kilometers, with white fine sand and clear turquoise waters. The beach is well equipped, there is a bar, a restaurant, and the possibility to do beach and water sports.
Lido di Cefalu is located within the town of Cefalu, here come many tourists. It offers scenic landscapes and coastline long a mile is famous for its fine white sand. Clear blue sea and shallow near the coast. The beach itself is partially equipped, there are bars, restaurants, and possibility to rent a house nearby. At the high tourist season and on weekends this beach is almost always crowded with tourists.
Beach « Isola Bella » – the most famous beach of « pearl of Sicily » Taormina is protected from the winds and the mountains, so the bathing season lasts a little longer. Charming nature and crystal-clear waters make the stay memorable. The beach consists of small pebbles. It is also easily reached by cable car to Taormina Mazzaro.
The beach of the Bay of Mazzaro is located on the north side of the island «Isola Bella». It’s not larger than the surrounding beaches, but without a doubt one of the most beautiful. The sand is mixed with pebbles. In the Bay of Mazzaro in the peak season there are both paid beaches, equipped with umbrellas and sun beds, and open to all public beaches. The Bay of Mazzaro is easily accessible from Taormina via cable car Taormina Mazzaro.
Giardini Naxos is an ideal place for beach holiday in the shade of citrus orchards with view to Etna. It is good both for kids and adults: clean sea, soft sand, great hotels, surfing, scuba diving and golf (golf club « Pichiolo ») from May to October, a great variety of restaurants, discos, water rides and other summer activities, including music and theater festivals and holidays.
Recanati Beach is located near the town of Giardini Naxos and is famous for its fine sand. Here you can rent beach umbrellas and deck chairs. Part of the beach is public and does not require admission fee. This is one of the most favorite tourist destinations, also because there are hotels and houses to rent, as well as restaurants, bars and discos nearby.
Letojanni Beach is located not far from the resort town of the same name, where you can rent a house, have lunch at one of the many restaurants and bars located at the coast. There is a public beach with no loungers and umbrellas, and hotel beach, which isare available for all the others (for an extra charge), and offers a complete service: here are umbrellas, sun beds, showers, a bar, a snack bar and even music.
La Playa, Catania
The golden beach strip, which is called La Playa, stretches for 18 km, almost to the very center of the city at the foot of Mount Etna. On this sandy shore bothe the tourists and local people love to take sunbathe. It is located in the south of Catania. The place is  with infrastructure  – umbrellas, beach chairs and restaurants.
Arenella Beach is a beautiful sandy beach in the Syracuse area. The beaches are well-developed in terms of service: it is possible to rent sun beds, umbrellas for a modest fee. Here is a decent hotel with the same name, in a restaurant where you can enjoy a good lunch or dinner. Entrance to the beach is free.
Arenella beach is clean, so here is resting a lot of families with children. The sloping entrance to the sea and the absence of sea urchins contribute to the safety of children.
The beach of Fontane Bianche – such an unusual name (white fountains) this place has received for the unique color of the sand on the beaches – white, like on a tropical island. Color is due to the fact that in this part of the island there are mountains of white limestone, and when the water is eroding cliff – inland rivers take this fine white sand to the sea, and form these beautiful beaches. The resort offers both paid and free beaches.
Calamosche – a famous beach in the National Park Vendicari, and you should walk pretty much to reach it, because entry into the protected zone is prohibited, but it is worth it. Water clarity in this beautiful bay can be compared with the beaches of Caribbean islands.

Marina di Ragusa is the most prestigious resort area south of Sicily. This resort is located a few kilometers south of the town of Ragusa, and is the most famous tourist destination of the south-eastern Sicily, with an ideal climate for recreation for eight months of the year. There are a lot of beautiful villas with swimming pools and tennis courts close by. The promenade is adjacent to a small but cozy sandy beach. The resort has excellent parking for boats, fully equipped and at a reasonable price. During the high tourist season here come tourists from Italy and other countries, who discover the local beaches of soft golden sand, the coast with lots of restaurants, bars, discos and shops. The beaches of Marina di Ragusa in 2009 were awarded by the blue flag of the Foundation for Environmental Education.
Donnalucata beach is located about 8 miles east of Marina di Ragusa, on the shore of a small resort town Donnalucata. The beach consists of soft golden sand and washed by turquoise clear sea water. Nearby there is a fish market in which customers each morning can buy fresh and varied catch. Beautiful promenade stretches to the port with colorful boats.
Pozzallo is halfway between Marina di Ragusa and Portopalo di Capo Passero, a port that has a direct connection with Malta. There are many beaches, popular with tourists, as well as evening entertainment. Four beaches of Pozzallo have been awarded the Blue Flag FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education), which guarantees clean beaches and coastal waters, the high level of service and safety.
Carratois is a prestigious beach near the town of Portopalo di Capopassero – an elegant Mediterranean beach where in the summer goes the Sicily and Italy’s elite – doctors, lawyers, scientists – to enjoy the hot summer breeze with a glass of wine. On the beach there is plenty of famous white clay, and many people go especially for that.


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