Sicilian Real Estate – 1 PART

Sicilian Real Estate – 1 PART
The eastern and south-eastern part of the island Sisily.
Dear guests of our site! If you are reading this article, then you are interested in real estate in Sicily. In this article I am going to tell you where it is better to buy a villa or apartments in the south-eastern part of Sicily, from Messina to Ragusa. We have chosen the most popular queries, our customers usually send us. Below you can find our answers on:
1. We are looking for a villa in Sicily with a garden and within walking distance to the sea (beach), to shops. For temporary residence with subsequent rental.

The most actual places are the Syracuse region such as Fontane Bianche, Arenella, Avola (sandy beaches, proximity to shops and cafes). In these places there are villas of different categories and price range, it all depends on: distance from the sea, the area, the condition of the property (repair, reconstruction, availability of necessary cadastral documents).
In these places, villa prices range from 100,000 to 800,000 euro. Sometimes it is advantageous to buy a villa that is in need of repair and reconstruct it to your taste. Our multilingual staff can give you all the necessary advice. In the Fontane Bianche, Arenella and Avola you can easily rent your property, especially in the summer. The warm mild climate of this region will allow you to enjoy the sun and seascapes all year round, just 5 km away there are marine reserves. In Syracuse, there are delicious tomatoes, strawberries, almonds, and we can tell endlessly about numerous vineyards and delicious wine!
The airport of Catania is in 70-80 km away by a good motorway.

2. We would like to buy a villa in Sicily by the sea.

Following Italian law, construction is prohibited within 150 meters of the coastline. But before the law came into force, some houses have been built already. Many of them are legalized and have all the documents. However, many houses are built illegally.
Our company thoroughly verifies the authenticity of all documents for villas and apartments, guaranteeing its client the legality as well as legality of buildings and land.

Property prices in Sicily by the sea.
Syracuse region (beach-tourist places) – villas from 600.000 euro – Fontane Bianche, Arenella, Avola
Syracuse region (beach-20 km from the airport) – villas from 350.000 euro – Agnone Bagni
Syracuse region (rocky coast) – from 600.000 euro – Plemmirio (marine reserve), Fanusa, Isola
Syracuse region (a delightful view of the sea and the volcano Etna, rocky coast) – Brucoli, Baia del Silenzio, Baia Archile, Costa Saracena – from 800.000 euro.

Taormina and Giardini Naxos are the most famous and fashionable cities in Sicily. Isola Bella Island, azure sea, panoramic views of the sea, the Greek theater and cozy streets. The 43rd G7 summit will be held in May 2017 in Taormina
Prices for real estate on first line from the sea start from 1 million euro.

If you would like to buy apartments on the beach or overlooking the sea in the south-eastern part of Sicily, we advise you to consider the following places:
The city of Syracuse (the island of Ortigia) is an ancient Greek town made of white stone, with stone pavement, historical monuments. The cost for apartments with a sea view starts from 200.000 euro.

The region of Catania (places – Aci Castello, Acitrezza, Acireale) are the favorite towns of Italian people. The cost for apartments with a view to the sea or directly on the beach starts from 200.000 euro.

Giardini Naxos-Taormina-Letojanni – from 300.000 euro

Maritime cities in the direction of Messina, such as Furci, Roccalumera, Santa Teresa di Riva, Sant’Alessio, – from 200.000 euro

In our database there are about 200 relevant real estate offers in Sicily. We also cooperate with major Italian real estate agencies, which have been our partners for many years. We are sure that we can find the home of your dream in Sicily – contact us by email, or by what’s up or by phone +39 320 906 0000
Our team speaks Italian, English and Russian. We can find a common language with you! We are waiting for you here in Sicily anytime.
Yours sincerely,

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